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Orhon Torna was established in 1964 in Istanbul. Lathe - Milling Machine and Spare Parts Manufacturing , especially in the Textile Industry ;  It has been serving the Automotive Industry, Food and Construction Sectors for up to half a century with its experienced staff.

As Orhon Torna, we have always adopted the principle of valuing quality, honesty and individual relations. domestic and  The interest shown in our products manufactured abroad gave us confidence in our future works.

The great and meticulous care we have shown in our production and in the quality of our products is among the biggest reasons why we produce industrial design products demanded in the market with fine workmanship. Our products are blended with high quality and presented to our valued customers after control and testing processes.

It has been ensured that the machinery and spare parts needed by our customers are prepared specifically for our customers, higher efficiency is obtained from the existing machine layout, production costs are reduced and profitability is increased. In this way, with the supply of durable and robust spare parts , our customers are at the point of "win while purchasing" from the very beginning.  Orhon TORNA has demonstrated its indispensability.


As Orhon Torna,  We serve our customers with lathes, milling cutters, drills as well as CNC lathes , CNC machining and CNC lathes and various machine spare parts manufacturing , special manufacturing and machine manufacturing for projects .

With this desire and desire, we provide added value by producing and selling both in Turkey and in the machine manufacturing robot countries of the world. We have been proudly continuing our existence in the machinery and spare parts sector for more than half a century. We share all this abundance with our customers, employees, suppliers and our country.



Our first priority is our customers. By applying professional management principles, we increase our production targets within the framework of quality production and better service understanding. To produce quality and robust products for our customers, to respond to their expectations with quality and sustainability. In line with this priority, we take care of our company and promise that we will always stand by our customers after the sale.

Our sole purpose in our goals is to create resources for continuous improvement, to provide the necessary investments to ensure the continuity of quality service, and to do value-added works in order to contribute to the economic and social development of our sector.

We have adopted contributing to the sectors we serve as our most important duty. While doing all these, we aim to fulfill our economic, social and environmental commitments to today's and future environments and to contribute to the sectors we are in in many ways.



Customer expectations; to meet the smallest detail in a fast, simple, solid and meticulous manner.

To continue to be one of the most reliable companies in the sector in terms of machinery manufacturing , spare parts supply , technical support and project consultancy by applying the technological developments in the sectors we are in, within the framework of continuous innovation.

In all sectors with which it has a business relationship  As Orhon Torna , it has aimed to continue to be a reputable company known for its success, quality, experience and most importantly its moral capital, no matter what.


To keep customer satisfaction at the forefront without compromising on quality in its products and services, to support the current and future needs and wishes of the project owners with the effective use of Orhon Torna 's materials and experience with our reliable, functional and robust products .

To be an efficient, profitable and beneficial company for our country by producing high quality products, targeting continuous dynamism, not compromising commercial ethics and moral values.


To create a safe, peaceful and high-quality environment and to ensure the continuity of these values by working professionally together, not acting independently of its employees , suppliers and customers, who are at peace with the entire business environment, by developing and increasing production technology .

Keeping high standard, quality and qualified customer satisfaction at the highest level is our most important mission. To produce permanent works by completing our commitments as soon as possible and with the highest quality .


Environmental policy

Orhon Torna , which operates in the "Turning-Milling Machinery and Spare Parts Manufacturing" sector, continues its works meticulously and meticulously as an environmentally sensitive company.

To this end; It deals with and implements its environmental policy with the philosophy of using natural resources in a balanced way, constantly monitoring environmental pollutants and environmental wastes, and the philosophy of continuous change within the framework of legalized laws and regulations.

For a clean environment, we follow the recycling policy by keeping the factors we cause under control, by applying green production techniques, by reducing our waste with activities that prevent unnecessary resource use. We aim to contribute by trying to eliminate solid wastes and using them in a recyclable way .

It sees and applies it as a basic environmental policy to work with all our employees and stakeholders, to constantly control all our activities and to share this sensitivity with our entire environment.

Quality policy

In the national competitive environment, not only the product's being economical, but also its quality, reliability and timely meeting of the needs play an important role in meeting customer demands.

With our quality policy that we have developed at this stage; It provides customer satisfaction in the best way, manufactures to meet customer needs and requests, produces new products, closely follows production technologies,  We share the experience and experiences we have created with the project owners.

To raise the commercial efficiency of the customers to the highest level with our high quality products that require a meticulous process, to be open to suggestions and complaints, to solve the problem as soon as possible, to assimilate our quality philosophy to all our employees, to present our value-added capital to our customers in a versatile way and to make them benefit.

To produce our products in accordance with the standards, to provide effective and fast solutions to problems , and most importantly, to provide after-sales support effectively without losing time. The basic components of our quality policy are to process and finalize the communication, order and all kinds of content received by our company quickly and effectively.

Machinery and Spare Parts Manufacturing

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